Our worship of God at St Barnabas is centred around those services found in A New Zealand Prayer Book, He Karakia Mihinare O Aotearoa. Our worship is therefore mostly traditional and music-centred allowing time for reflection, prayer and thanksgiving in response to the love of God and out of love for one another.

Music forms an important part of life at St Barnabas. Our organ is one of the few remaining important organs in Auckland despite some restoration needs due to its age. The 9.30 am service is a sung Eucharist and we have a small choir that is always willing to recruit new members. We are also fortunate in having Geoffrey Hinds who holds regular piano recitals while other music groups who use the church include the Auckland Welsh Choir.


We see ourselves as a friendly pastoral-size parish. We are welcoming and tolerant of diversity in parishioners and theological position. In many ways we are a large family having a significant proportion of older members whose connection with St Barnabas spans many years.

We do enjoy meeting those who wish to worship with us, whether from Auckland, elsewhere in New Zealand or from overseas plus we do a great cup of tea or coffee (sometimes with home baking) after our 9.30 am service.


As parishioners at St Barnabas we are part of the community in Mt Eden. We run a popular preschool playgroup on Tuesday 9.30 am for 2 hours part funded through the Ministry of Education and a $3 donation per casual visit. We also hold a number of social events throughout the year for parishioners including church fetes, film evenings and the patronal dinner.

We are also part of the community of faith of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia and the worldwide Anglican Communion. There are many professional people at St Barnabas who are "good thinkers" and reflect deeply on their spiritual life. On the whole we would consider we are liberal-left-of-centre in terms of our theology.